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American Topsoil- Quality topsoil picked-up or delivered

Wholesale pricing available for large volume orders and commercial businesses

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Retail Picked Up Prices

Regular Topsoil

         Regular Topsoil

Regular Topsoil

Removed from the top 8 inches of Rich Farmland.

(For use with power equipment)

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                          $15 plus tax

1 cubic yard                         $27 plus tax

Pulverized Topsoil- Our most popular product!

Same soil as Regular topsoil except that it has been ground and screened.  Pulverized Topsoil is ideal if you are working the soil by hand (shoveling, raking, ect...).

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                        $20

1 cubic yard                 $33 plus tax

Pulverized Topsoil

           Pulverized Topsoil

Organic Topsoil

         Organic Topsoil

Organic Topsoil- Why not buy the best?

Made of 70% Pulverized Topsoil and 30% Compost.

We recommend Organic Topsoil for gardens and flower beds.

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                       $25 plus tax

1 cubic yard                         $45 plus tax

Compost- A great way to enrich existing gardens!

Our compost is made of recycled yard waste and composted horse manure.

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                      $25 plus tax

1 cubic yard                        $45 plus tax



Colored Mulches and Cedar Mulch

          Colored Mulches

Colored Mulches and Cedar Mulch

We carry a variety of colored mulches at our Kansas City location which include:  Red, Chocolate and Black.

Our colored mulch is made of native hardwoods and is colored using a 100% safe, water based dye.

Our Cedar Mulch comes from the forests of Missouri.  This mulch is light yellow in color and naturally bug resistant.

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                         $28 plus tax

1 cubic yard                      $45 plus tax

Playground Mulch

This mulch comes certified for use on all playgrounds and is amazingly "soft".

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                      $28 plus tax

1 cubic yard                     $45 plus tax

Playground Mulch


Hardwood Mulch

         Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Our Hardwood Mulch is double ground and is made from native hardwood trees.

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                        $20

1 cubic yard                           $35

1 inch Kansas River Rock or

1 inch Missouri River Rock or

2 inch Missouri River Rock

Retail Price:

1/2 cubic yard                       $60 plus tax

1 cubic yard                          $100 plus tax

Kansas 1 inch River Rock

This rock is dredged out of the Kaw River.  The stone is generally brownish in color and angular in nature. Size varies between 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch with 1 inch stones most common

Missouri River Rock

Available in 1 inch and 2 inchThis rock is dredged out of the Missouri River.  The stone is multi-colored as it is also known as Missouri Rainbow.  The rock is generally more rounded as it has moved a distance down the river.  Our Missouri 1 inch rock varies in size from 3/8 inch up to 1 1/2 in size with 1 inch being the most common.  The 2 inch rock varies is size between 1 1/2 inch up to 2 1/2 inch with 2 inch being the most common.

Please note that our mulch and river rock are only available at our Kansas City location.     Our topsoils and compost are available at both our Olathe and Kansas City locations.

Please call for delivery prices as they vary depending on distance.

People who buy our topsoil say that our soil is far better than our competitors.  Our topsoil resources are superior and the equipment we use to pulverize our soil produces a high quality, consistent product that our customers have come to rely on.

Regular and Pulverized Topsoil is the same topsoil, the difference between the two is that the Pulverized Topsoil is ran through our large topsoil Powerscreen which shreds and screens the soil leaving it in a consistent, fine quality.  Pulverized Topsoil is much easier to shovel and rake out.  We highly recommend that people should buy Pulverized Topsoil if they are working it by hand.

Organic Topsoil is a garden quality mix of our topsoil that is enriched with compost.  Our normal mix consists of 2/3 topsoil and 1/3 compost which is an optimal ratio for vegetable gardens.



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