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$70 per cubic yard spreading fee!! -Includes wheelbarrowing and raking

**Price does not include prep work

Quality Pulverized Topsoil delivered and spread

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We spread

We'll do the raking!

Graded Right

The right grade will help keep water away from your home and out of your basement.

**Additional prep work is the homeowner's choice and will incur additional charges of $80 per man hour.  Prep work includes and is not limited to, raking leaves away from the foundation, removing mulch, gravel, ect.. out from where the topsoil will be placed.

American Topsoil uses power wheelbarrows and we will need enough access to maneuver our equipment.

Topsoil placed under decks will be subject to an additional fee according to the difficulty.



American Topsoil cannot be responsible for soil and seed that washes away due to heavy rains.

Are you unsure of how much soil you need?  If we spread it, we will only charge you for the amount of topsoil used.

We can spread Pulverized Topsoil, Organic Topsoil and Mulch.  We will not spread Regular Topsoil.

Spreading prices do not include the purchase of the topsoil and delivery charges.  

We can only spread topsoil at the time of delivery as we load our wheelbarrows directly from our dump truck.

Questions? Email us at americantopsoil@embarqmail.com

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